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The ONline Newsletter

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Welcome to the first newsletter of the revived Old Northavian Association. I hope it will be the first of many but this can only be achieved if you tell us what you have been up to!

The 100 or so ONs who came to Founder’s Day, in September 2003, will already have some idea of The Story So Far but for the benefit of those who were unable to be with us let me update you…

Although Denis Blake has provided a regular newsletter for those who were at Northaw during his time as Head, regular contact between the school and its former pupils has almost completely lapsed in recent years. Being all too aware of this, Kevin Foyle, the current Headmaster, asked me to help him to get things going again in the summer of 2002. My credentials are that I was at Northaw from 1961 to 1966, during Billy Howard’s Headmastership; I am also a current parent at Norman Court (which, as most of you will know, the school is now called). I have no doubt that many of you from the Northaw era will be saddened by this name change but I hope you will be reassured that the name is perpetuated in your Association, so please don’t write in about this!

Over the next few months a Committee was assembled with most periods in the school’s history represented by at least one member. In brief, they are: the Earl of Rothes (1940-45), Bryan Gordon-Smith (1955-58), Robert Sutcliffe (1963-68), Toby Gordon-Smith (1982-88), Holly Soffe (1982-89), Jalal Janmohamed (1988-96), Charlie King (1990-96), Sam Best (1994-99) and Rose Hall (1995-00). At our first meeting in February 2003, I was elected Chairman and Bryan, the Secretary.

Our first official event was Founder’s Day, held on 20th September 2003, to mark the 50th Anniversary of the school’s move to West Tytherley after the disastrous fire at Surrenden Dering. Old Northavians of all ages came, in glorious weather, and were able to watch the opening of the new athletics track (the Parker Field) by the Olympic hurdler, Colin Jackson, followed by a champagne reception on the terrace. Lunch was a self-catering affair but offered the opportunity to recreate the pleasures of OSLO (in this case, On Saturday Lunch Out!). Music came from the Band of the Royal Marine Cadet Corps on the lawn and from current pupils in the Main Hall. And, there was a fascinating “time-line” of the school’s history, containing an amazing selection of archive photographs dating back to the original site at Northaw Place, near Potters Bar, in the 1890s. The day was rounded off with the first AGM of the Association, at which the Committee were formally elected and the Constitution approved. On behalf of all ONs, the Headmaster and the School staff were thanked for organising such a successful day.

So much for the past! What of the future? During 2003, two informal reunions took place in London, organised by Toby Gordon-Smith and Holly Soffe. You can read about these below. Future events of a similar nature are planned; so do get along to them if you can. The next Founder’s Day is likely to take place in 2005. In the meantime, what can we do for you? Although many of you have already filled in at least two questionnaires, continued feedback about what you want from the ONA will help the Committee enormously. We are still feeling our way and any advice or suggestions will continue to be appreciated, please ask the Registrar for a questionnaire.

The one area where the help of all members will be particularly useful is in tracing ONs with whom we have lost contact altogether. As a generalisation, it is safe to say that the information we have on those who attended from the Blake era onward is, by and large, up to date. However, there are a great many from the Howard era and before with whom we have lost touch. Please help us fill in the missing pieces as much as possible and give us information on any of your contemporaries with whom you are in contact but we are not. Both of the school names are registered with Friends Reunited ( So please spread the word.

We are in the process of compiling a List of Members, which will be available to all ONs for a nominal fee. It is hoped that this could include email addresses and that, in future, as much communication as possible can be done electronically, keeping costs to a minimum. However, there is a Data Protection issue here, as we need your permission to disclose your details to other members. Several people have granted permission for us to contact you by email without making it clear whether we can disclose your details to other ONs. If you think there is a chance that you may not have given us that permission, I would be most grateful if you could email the Registrar, Mrs Patricia Taylor, to clarify matters, at

The question of fees is, sadly, also a relevant one. Naturally, the ONA cannot run on thin air but nor do we wish to set a prohibitive Membership fee. The Committee will be meeting as this newsletter ‘goes to press’ and we hope to add a Stop Press on the subject.

There is one final aspect where help from you, the Members, would be welcomed. As you will notice from the above, the Committee are currently somewhat light on ONs from the 1970s. The 1950s are also under represented. If any Old Northavian from either decade would like to put himself (or herself, in the case of the 70s) forward, I would be most grateful. We hold 3 or 4 meetings a year usually on a Saturday, at Norman Court, so the task is not exactly arduous and, indeed, could be fun! You can email me directly at or via Norman Court School, if you prefer to use the Royal Mail.

With best wishes for a long and happy involvement with the ONA

Anthony Whitaker


I am delighted to have been invited to contribute to the first copy of the re-launched ON Association newsletter. I am grateful to all of the ONA Committee for their support in re-launching both the Association and its newsletter and in particular, to the Chairman, Anthony Whitaker, Secretary/Editor, Bryan Gordon-Smith and Assistant Editor, Jalal Janmohamed, who have worked so hard alongside our Registrar, Patricia Taylor, on this publication.

The re-launch marks something of a watershed. Northaw (Norman Court) Prep School went through some very tough times in the early and mid 1990s when recession and the decline of boarding brought the school close to closure. The very fact that we have the time and resources available to re-launch the ON Association properly is a clear indication of the return to health of this much-loved Prep School.

The School’s numbers have grown to around 300 in total, 200+ in the Main School (7-13) and 100 (3-7) in the Pre-Prep Department. This may sound large, but in today’s world we are still only just above the average in terms of overall numbers on roll. The School is now much more day orientated, but we still have a thriving boarding community, which presently numbers around 60 full and weekly boarders. In addition, 50 or so other children flexiboard during the course of the week. The School is also now fully co-educational and our ratio of boys to girls is constant at around 65:35.

The success we have enjoyed over recent years would not have been possible without the support of an altruistic and wealthy benefactor, Mr Tim Parker, who remains passionate about independent education at Norman Court (Northaw). Our expansion has necessitated and allowed for a number of new developments: in 1996/7 the Pre-Prep was enlarged twice; in 1998 the new access road, dubbed “the two lane super highway” was built; in 1999 an extension of the Stable Courtyard classrooms was completed and new CDT and ICT classrooms were put in place; in 2001 a new playing field was purchased and its surface contoured (it was formally opened in September 2003) and in 2002 a new floodlit tennis and netball court area was commissioned.

All of this has been matched with progress inside and outside the classroom in terms of the School’s performance. Children now go on to a huge variety of schools as diverse as Winchester College and Milton Abbey or St Swithun’s and Clayesmore. Scholarship and CE results are again a source of pride and we compete well around our local circuit in terms of extra curricular activities.

How has this been achieved? As ever, through a great deal of hard work from a lot of people. Staff are, when it comes to the final analysis, quite simply the most important element because it is they who inspire and motivate the pupils in our care and engender and maintain the happy and positive working environment that has been cherished by Norman Court pupils and parents throughout the School’s long illustrious history.

I have thoroughly enjoyed our 50th Anniversary celebrations and, in particular, the Founders Day which gave me the opportunity to meet so many of you, both on the day and during the preparations for our celebrations. As a historian, I found the accumulation of information about the School’s history for our timeline both here in Hampshire and previously in Kent and Hertfordshire, a fascinating process. We still have a 50th Anniversary weekend to look forward to. On the 11th June we will be having a music festival day and on the 12th there will be a 50th Anniversary Clarendon Ball held at the Army Air Corp Museum, tickets are available at School at £50.00 per head. It would be lovely to see you there.

The ONA is very important to the School because it not only strengthens our sense of community, but it serves to remind all of us here at School of the fruits of our labour. The ONs that I have met are invariably happy, well adjusted and hardworking individuals who have carried into their senior school and adult lives many important lessons that were learnt during the course of their prep school education. It is always a delight for us to hear about the successes, as well as some of the trials and tribulations, of our former pupils lives beyond our school gates.

I hope you enjoy reading this first newsletter. I look forward to meeting you at future ON events or at anytime you get the opportunity to come to see your old school in action.

Yours sincerely

Kevin Foyle


The Old Northavian Association (ONA) is now running London Drinks Nights twice a year – summer and Christmas. We’ve discovered that a lot of you live in and around London, so what better way to get people together?

June 2003 saw the first ONA Summer Drinks Night, in The Comedy, Leicester Square. It was a great evening, with approx 50 ON's turning up to catch up with old mates. Once we’d got over the revelation that none of us had really changed in the last 10-15 years, the conversation started to flow, making it hard to believe that it really had been that long since most people had seen each other. There were a few that stayed on to sing Karaoke into the small hours, despite it being a school night! The long hours of choir practice all those years ago had clearly paid off.

The first Christmas Drinks Night took place on the 4th December in the Digress, Piccadilly. Competing with Christmas parties and the general hectic social life at this time of year meant that this reunion did not have such a large turn out. However, there were the trusty few that had been to the first reunion and some new faces - all of whom, as expected, reminisced and exchanged news well into the early hours.

The next Summer Drinks Night will be on the 13th May 2004.

If you haven’t previously received information about these events in London by email, please register your interest by sending an email to

Toby Gordon-Smith and Holly Soffe


David Morris-Marsham - 1938-44 What can I tell you about myself? I am 73 years of age, a retired stockbroker, married with two daughters aged 24 and 25. My wife is a retired lawyer. The only other ON I have seen much of in recent times was David Saville, who also worked in the City, but sadly died about two years ago. I should be interested to know if there are any others of my vintage living in the London area.

Mark Stratton - 1939-44 I have lived for the past 40 years at Witton Old Rectory near Norwich, but we sold the house last March as it was too large and the garden was getting on top of us. We moved 250 yards away to a small cottage at the end of the drive and we are actively looking for something a bit bigger in a village close to Norwich - so far without success. I have recently been shooting with Desmond Heywood who was at Northaw at the same time as myself. I have also met up with Alastair Lesley and Timothy Harford (we both belong to the same London club).

Anthony Tanner - 1948-52 My father Arthur Derek was a pupil at Northaw from c1923-1926 when the school was at Potters Bar. I followed him to the school in 1948 when the head master was Cecil Winter and the school was in Pluckley. Due to the fire in 1952 I had to leave, as I was to take Common Entrance not long afterwards and from there went to Marlborough. On leaving school I worked in the Paper Trade for 35 years and on retirement from that took up looking after other people’s gardens. One of the great pluses of my time at Northaw was my introduction to Rugby Football, which has since played a great part in my life. From School, I joined Rosslyn Park in Roehampton where I played first class rugby for eleven seasons and am currently the president of the club. Although I was very good friends with many of my contemporaries during my time at Northaw I did not keep up with them, however I do know that Andrew Beith is in Majorca and I have his email address. Andrew was the head boy when the school moved to West Tytherley in 1953.

Richard Faber - 1951-53 We have been in communication before and I can't remember what information I gave you. I know both John Oddy and I wrote about the fire at Surrenden Dering. The only up-to-date news, which I fear would be of little interest to anybody else, was that John Oddy, Evelyn Wright and I, who all went from Northaw to Malvern, met up at an Old Malvernian gathering in September. It was the week before Founder’s Day.

Richard Gosnell - 1951-54 I went to Northaw School when it was at Surrenden Dering, near Pluckley, in Kent. The school was damaged by fire on 10th Oct 1952. We were all woken in the dormitories by staff in the small hours and told to dress quickly as there was a "small fire, and this was just a precaution". As instructed we mustered in the courtyard in the dark. The school was seen silhouetted against smoke and sparks while firemen’s' hoses snaked all over the place. Most boys lost their personal possessions because all our tuck boxes were in a basement that was destroyed. I only had a Dinky Toy aircraft, which happened to be in my pocket!

We were sent home for about 2 weeks, but then returned to the school to finish the term in the undamaged part of the school. About a third of the school was destroyed, and the smell of burned, centuries-old dust is one none of us would forget. It permeated everywhere. We all gawped from the dining room door where you could peep in to see the pile of wreckage. The wing containing Mareth, Matopan and Cassino dormitories were completely destroyed, plus 4 classrooms beneath them. I had been in Battle of Britain (I think, or was it Kohima?) at the time of the fire. The Davey automatic fire escapes were thus never used in anger, though school drills had had us all abseiling down from the dorm windows!

The next term was also (I think, but am not sure) in the old school, and the term after that we started in Norman Court, so about May 1953. It must have needed that time to obtain the new school building. My brother Simon joined me about the same time, and I left at the end of the summer term in 1954.

Other memories. Major Reynolds, the headmaster, had all the boys in dread, due to his very strict Army-type discipline. He taught English grammar, and I can remember learning adjectival clauses (are they still taught these days?). The deputy head was Mr Lewis who was friendly and mischievous, and would make apple-pie beds, called boats, in the dorms, to shrieks of mirth. I remember one night the music master, Mr Eady, coming round all the dorms in a fluster to say goodbye because he was leaving there and then, I guess as a result of a row.

Major Reynolds had the whole school (at Surrenden Dering) learn 'Lili Marlene', to entertain Monty (Lord Montgomery of Alamein) who was a long standing army friend, when he came for sports day prize giving. At a given signal during lunch, the clatter of cutlery died away and the school sang the whole song, learned by heart. Later Major Reynolds died, and Mr Lewis took over as headmaster. There was Sergeant-Major Sandal who was the gym instructor, and Mr Sutcliffe who taught maths and geography. Miss Stella taught English, and another girl took 'remedial' classes, which are now called aerobics. Mr Hamilton taught history, and had been in the navy, so he was interested that I was learning Morse code. In my last term there was a partial eclipse of the sun, and we all saw it on a hot sunny day, with Mrs Reynolds fussing about, warning against looking at the sun. She had a fleet of identical small dogs, which she rallied by calling 'dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs’....

Mr Lewis's wife, Felicity, taught painting, and I got off cricket one term by having painting lessons instead, so I went into the woods on my own with easel and paints to paint trees etc. Not being at all interested in sport, one of my letters home began: - "Dear Mummy and Daddy, I hope you are we played football. I was in goal, and I saw the Victor, the AW52, and a Vampire flying over"... My dad, in the RAF, always reminded me of this story for the rest of his life. One day in winter, in very dense yellow smog covered the football pitch, so the game had to be abandoned. The smog must have been one of London's pea soupers, but had drifted all the way to Norman Court.

Every summer term there was a picnic lunch for the whole school, called 'Oslo Breakfast'. That was on sports day, when I once got a prize for high jump (4 feet). Also, there was a large leather ball about 6 feet in diameter, and an annual contest was to have 2 teams each side, 30 yards away, and on the 'off' they raced inwards and cannoned into the ball. The direction the ball moved produced the winning team. There were 'stars and stripes' awarded for good or bad performance in any aspect of school life, marked on a large bar chart that all could see. In class there were 'BGFs' which were similar, but based on class work only. We had ballroom dancing lessons by a lady who had also taught some of the Royal Family. I got a quarter star in dancing!

My association with the countryside around Norman Court spans most of my life. Simon was borne when I was 2 when we were living at Winterslow, in a house called 'The Red House'. While at Northaw, I used to look at it on the dreaded trips to the dentist or chiropodist in Salisbury. The house might now be the one called 'Four Wynds', but memory fades. In 1989 I was working at Middle Wallop airfield, preparing weather observations as an observer in the Meteorological Office. My father had flown to and from MW to get home when he had time during WW2. Now, in 2002 we have joined the Friends of Bentley Wood, and we have made several visits to walk in the woods. Their next newsletter should carry an article by myself on the geology of Bentley Wood. The seeds may have been sown as I looked out to the escarpment of Dean Hill from School, or sneaked into the old chalk quarry in the School grounds.

Further comments written Jan 2004: The school’s connection with Monty produced memorable occasions. One was when I won the high jump at the school sports day with a jump of 4 feet, and shaking hands with Monty as he handed over the prize! I also got a medal winning the welter weight boxing, even though I was tall and thin, so only had reach as an advantage. Monty regularly brought Toblerone chocolate from Switzerland, and once this took the form of a large bear, which fed the whole school. Another event, which was interesting historically, would cause an international fracas these days. Two Persian princes joined the school, and at mealtime the staff tried to make them eat something, I think it was bacon, which was against their religion. Before the whole dining hall, who listened in silence, the two boys were reduced to tears by a prolonged tirade by staff to make them eat up. I think the princes won! These boys brought caviar, enough to feed the whole school on one occasion.

Patrick Matthiesen - 1953-56 Extract from Debrett’s People of Today 2004: Educated Harrow, Oriel College Oxford (Briscoe Owen Scholar, MA). Career art dealer; supervisor of restoration sculpture project in Florence after floods 1966-67, supervisor in founding Conservation Institute for Sculpture in Venice in liaison with V&A 1968-69. Founder, chairman and MD of Matthiesen Fine Art Ltd 1978: exhibitions mounted from “Important Italian Paintings 1600-1700” to “Chardin’s Têtes d’Etudes au Pastel” 2003. Recreations: gardening, music, travel, sailing, skiing, riding, good food and wine.

Michael Boswell - 1953-1958 Thanks for your email and I shall try to send you some more substantive information but for the time being the following is a basic synopsis: From Northaw I went to Charterhouse in 1958; I left Charterhouse at the end of 1963 and did not go to University but straight to a Solicitors Office in Mayfair where, after a preliminary trial, I decided to enter the profession and took 5 year Articles, qualifying in 1969 and being admitted to the Roll in July 1970. I became a Partner shortly after qualifying but decided to set up my own practice in the City in 1975. I moved my business back to the West End in 1989 and then, taking into account the improvement in communications (thus making it viable to run a business somewhat more remote from the Clients than had been previously possible) out of London in 1998 and I now practise in Windsor and live in Ascot. I married a South African lady in 1983 who recently decided to move back there on her own. We had no children. I had 2 brothers: Thomas, who was 2 years older than me and at Northaw between 1953 and 1956; went on to Cranleigh and then Fitzwilliam House at Cambridge. He was a brilliant electrical engineer and later became a very respected radio journalist. Thomas was married (to Irene) but he died of cancer in 1990 at the young age of 47. He had no children. Philip was some 7 years younger but did not go to Northaw, attending Cranleigh Junior School and then Charterhouse: he also died of a cancer at the age of 48.

I was so pleased to see recently that the School appears to be flourishing and that some adherence to our basic values perhaps enables those involved to focus on the way forward. My parents kept my School reports, which I looked at for the first time recently and make interesting reading: I also still keep my 1st Eleven Colours Cap and Gym 6 Badge, all of which indicates that I have considerable pride in my heritage at Northaw (despite my family’s run-ins with Mrs Reynolds from time to time). I was born in New Delhi and in 1951 we moved to what had become West Pakistan where we lived until 1964 so my schools in England were very much a home to me: I believe that the mental discipline instilled in me and the example shown by those (with one notable exception) at Northaw stood me in good stead.

We always remember my Father telling Thomas and me in what must have been mid-1952 that he and my Mother had decided on a School for us and his saying, as somewhat of a throwaway line, that it was “a bit of a fire hazard”: never a truer word. I do wish you all well and look forward to receiving news.

Lord Charles Cecil - 1958-61 I have been in the financial world since leaving Oxford where I read Modern History. Joining J. Henry Schroder Wagg, the London merchant bank in 1973, I worked for 12 years on Latin American banking, travelling frequently to the region and spending a year in Rio de Janeiro for the bank. I remained with Schroders as a Director for a further 4 years. For the last 10 years I have been a Director (and was a founder) of Helix Associates, a small London-based firm operating in one of the more specialised and obscure parts of the financial market, the placement of private equity funds around the world. Helix is one of the market leaders in its field.
I am married, live between London and Hertfordshire, travel frequently (mainly around Continental Europe) and am involved in a number of other activities, both business and charitable. I speak two foreign languages fluently and get by in two others. Other interests include gardening, country pursuits and the arts. I collect books and pictures.

Tony Thomson - 1956-61 By all means use my e-mail address to save you postage. Quite hard to imagine what would amount to news really. Married in ‘69, three kids, two grown up, one still in Lower 5th at Habs Girls in Radlett. Have worked for IBM, the Stock Exchange and PA Consulting, in the City of course, but also all over the UK and in Belgium, Sweden, Italy, China and Kazakhstan. Have lived in St Albans since 1974. Apart from a very sparsely attended OB drinks meeting many years ago when I met Lionel de Rothschild and Michael Servaes (I seem to remember), the only ON I have seen in recent years has been Hedayat Bakhtiar, of whom my father (Dick Thomson - Deputy Head for many years) was guardian.

Martin Taylor - 1957-61 Headmasters were Richard Lewis and Mr Howard who was better news. The past 43 years have included 2 in South Africa, a spell in H.M's Guards, 2 years at the Agricultural College, Cirencester, 5 years merchant banking and 30 years stockbroking. I have been happily married to Miranda Brook for 21 years and have 2 boys, Hugo and George, 17 and 16, born 9 months apart and both in the same academic year at my old school, Eton. I now live in the house in which I was born in Warwickshire where we are busy repairing roofs and grassing over flowerbeds. Life is a bit chaotic, but I am delighted to have escaped 30 years living in London. The only ON's I have seen of late have been my brother, Robin, and friends Chris Joll and Francis Rundall. Must dash. Good luck!

Angus MacConochie - 1959-61 I was in Hythe Club and I remember with fondness many at Northaw: Mark Duke, John Foster, Andrew Duncan, Anthony Greenwell, Sgt Major Sandall – Tough Guy, Tommy Thomson, with whom I am still in contact, Miss Brean, who never got the hang of my maths tables, Mrs Winter – Matron, Major Reynolds and the Lewis family and their dogs. My time at Northaw was extremely happy and I would like to revisit one day. A quick quiz: where did the chapel organ come from? The name of the lunches we had outside in the summer? The type of dog Mrs Reynolds owned? Parents were instructed that “all boys must have a ---------? Just to test memories!?

My main occupation has been television in New Zealand, 1st Asst Director, Production Manager and Senior Studio Director etc with TV3, Sky TV and BBC. Anyone travelling to NZ can contact me. I will be happy to meet at airport (Auckland) etc, they are most welcome to stay at my home and I can show them the beauty of the area. I live one hour north of Auckland on the coast.

Carolyn Browne - 1966-67 After finishing primary school in Salisbury (where, following my arrival from Northaw, they were amazed to find I was two years ahead of my age group in maths but about three years behind in geography), I eventually emerged from the Godolphin School in Salisbury with a fistful of science A-levels and an ability to play lacrosse which owed rather a lot to my previous experience at Northaw of playing rugby. Both qualifications stood me in excellent stead for subsequently (a) gaining degrees/doing research at Bristol and Oxford in bacterial genetics, and (b) continuing the Oxford tradition of trouncing Cambridge at sport - well, most of the time. But my time at Northaw had opened my eyes to a dimension wider than that of mere academic research. So I joined the Foreign Office. I think it may have been a novel experience for the FCO at the time to have a female scientist - particularly one who couldn't speak any foreign languages. But they are nothing if not adaptable, so they set about rectifying my lack of qualifications by sending me firstly to Moscow (where I watched the collapse of the Soviet Union) and then New York (where I watched the collapse of the UN's international influence). Following work back in London on EU, South East Europe security and human rights issues, the FCO have now decided that I'll probably do less damage if they send me to Brussels to advise them on EU foreign policy then if I hang around in London. No doubt a wise decision!

Charles Janson - 1960-65 See website

Nick James - 1957-63 After leaving Stowe I went to the Royal Agricultural College (where I am proud to say I was thrown out twice!) I then joined the wine trade where I have been ever since. Current role is Sales Director of Champagne Pol Roger. I am chairman of the Wye and Usk Foundation, which is charged with restoring both rivers to their former glory as premier salmon rivers. Residing in Ludlow, my wife and I are heavily involved in the Ludlow and Marches Food & Drink Festival, which is the original and now the largest in the UK. I see Anthony Whitaker who is also in the wine trade and see the Lewis's down in Pembrokeshire on a regular basis. James was also with me at Cirencester. Other than that I don’t really come across anyone so hopefully the first newsletter will kick start things.

Jamie Birkmyre - 1964-69 On leaving Northaw I went to Radley and then to Switzerland to learn French with a bit of skiing thrown in. I then did a Business Studies degree for 4 years. After that I started in advertising working for Collett Dickenson and Pearce 1978 - 1982. Then TBWA 1982 –1987, during which I spent 3 years in Spain where I lived in Madrid and Barcelona and learnt Spanish. On returning to England I joined a Sports Marketing company called Orbit International managing events in Tennis, Golf, Rugby League and Formula One. I now work for The PGA European Tour in the position of Director of Tournament Development with the specific responsibility for the events The Tour own, such as the Ryder Cup, European Open, PGA Championship and Scottish Open.

I have been married to Leslie for 13 years. She is American and came to England as an actress. We have a son Alexander who is 12 and about to leave Elstree prep school to go to Radley.We live in Berkshire and apart from playing a bit of golf at Sunningdale I still play a lot of tennis (Northaw team with Jonny Haak and Simon Clements 1968). But my real passion is fly-fishing. No contact with any ON’s.

Tom Maidment - 1964-69 I am delighted to hear that the ONA is getting going again. I am still in touch with Henry Humphries who was at Northaw with me in the sixties. He still lives in Usk, Monmouthshire, and he I know could put you in touch with Hugo Egleston, Simon Clements and others. However, of far more use to you in tracing Old Boys would be Tommy and J Thomson, Tommy was deputy-head at that time, and J his wife was Senior Matron. Although now elderly he has kept in touch with many of us, and would I am sure love to help. I do hope this may be of some use to you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Graham Raikes - 1965-70 Left Northaw, went to Radley and then Southampton University where I read Geography on an Army Bursary. I then joined the Army and was commissioned into RWF, voluntarily transferring into RAPC in 1987 and thence to AGC (SPS) on its formation in 1992. Married and divorced and awarded MBE in 1997. Qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant and Chartered Secretary and Administrator in 1993 and Fellow of both Institutes in 2001. Promoted to Colonel in October 2000 and headed the Army’s management accountancy consultancy service, primarily for the Army, but also throughout Defence, and was additionally responsible for all the Army's management accountants. In November 2003, I resigned from the Army and became the Director of Corporate Finance for The University of Plymouth. In May 2001, I married Elizabeth, previously Chief Executive Monmouthshire County Council and about to be the new Chief Executive of ELWA in South Wales. We regularly weekend commute between Plymouth and South Wales and our time is taken up playing golf, bridge and walking the dogs.

Tim Newall-Watson - 1966-71 I haven't been in touch since I left the school about 33+ years ago so you can imagine it’s hard to condense myself!! Thought I would attach my profile albeit very career orientated to save me time too. Hope it helps: “Tim acts primarily as a Learning and Development consultant & coach, has a BA (Hons) in Social Anthropology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education from Sussex and Heriot-Watt universities respectively. His early career included qualifying and practising as a Chinese acupuncturist, and working in Africa and Brazil. He then moved into field sales. In 1984, he entered the recruitment industry and moved through consultancy to management in two organisations to become a director at the Melville Craig Group, arguably Scotland’s largest and most respected Recruitment, Selection and HR consultancy firm. The company is now part of the worldwide TMP group one of the largest people sourcing organisations in the world. In 1994, he set up his own business focusing on Management Consultancy, Learning and Development, Executive Search, and Outplacement throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. In 2000 he joined Synphonix Ltd, a cross-national Executive Search, Learning, Development and Management Consultancy firm, as Interim Strategic Director. Tim has extensive experience in management and in people sourcing solutions as well as design and delivery of a wide range of learning and development strategies and programmes within the Management, Sales, Recruitment, and Personal Development fields. He has worked across a broad variety of sectors and in different countries at all levels within company structures.“ In addition, I have 2 children; we live in Scotland but are moving to the south of France this summer.

Alex Glover - 1966-71 I left to go to Harrow School. I now have my own Public Relations business based in Knightsbridge, London and we specialise in helping businesses with their profile in the media, specialising in Corporate and Financial work. I have been married to Juliet for 18 years and have three children, Charlotte, Lucy and Alexander.

Simon Ffennell - 1965-69 On leaving school I spent three years in the Army doing a short service commission. Thereafter, I entered the horticultural world and to this day I own and run a small plant nursery close to home. I am also fortunate enough to run a stretch of the river Itchen and devote some of my time to its upkeep. I am in close contact with 2 ON’s namely Anthony and Christopher Ringrose-Voase. That is because I am married to their sister Lucinda. We have two daughters who are both at Godolphin in Salisbury.

Christian Seely - 1969-74 I am Managing Director of AXA Millesimes, Bordeaux; a winemaking group with Châteaux in France, Portugal and Hungary. After Northaw, I went to Harrow and then on to Trinity College, Cambridge to read English, following that with an MBA at INSEAD. I am married to Corinne and we have one son Theodore born 29th December 2001. Do you have any information on Charlie Thomas with whom I have lost contact; and any masters in my time, in particular Mr Plaister, the Latin master?

James Woodall - 1969-74. I was thrilled recently to hear again from Charlie Thomas, my great friend at Northaw from our first term together in summer 1969. After leaving, we lost contact for thirty years. I went to Haileybury in the summer of 1974, then read English at Oxford. After living in Paris for a time, I landed a job in London publishing, which I stuck at until 1991. Around this time, I turned to writing, then, in 1996, decamped to Berlin. With four published titles to my name, I’ve been writing on the arts for the Financial Times since 1999.

Alverne Bolitho - 1969-75 I was educated at Eton leaving there at Christmas 1979 and, post a gap year spent mainly touring the Sahara desert in Algeria, Niger and Egypt, I moved on to Durham University. Leaving there I spent 6 years in the British Army, in The Grenadier Guards, ending with the rank of Captain. I then moved into the City of London, with Cazenove Stockbrokers from 1987 until 2000 before moving to my present employer, Payden & Rygel Global Limited. The latter is the largest independent Fixed Income manager in the US; I am employed by their London office.

I am in irregular contact with William Casement who was a contemporary of mine at Northaw and remember my days there with a very considerable amount of happiness.

Jack Kenny - 1973-77 I'm afraid that I have lost touch with all my old Northaw friends, so I'm not much help there. My own news and that of my brothers (also ON's): I am a potter, working in Seasalter, North Kent. I have taught pottery and art in the past, but since 1999 I have returned to full time potting. I sell locally and from a few select galleries in London, Cambridgeshire and Nottinghamshire. I also practice and help to teach various Daoist exercises for health (and self-defence) including Tai Chi. My brother, Stephen Kenny 1970-75: runs his own computer company, and is developing a variety of projects at any one time. He is a football referee in his limited spare time. My brother Brendan 1963-67: is a self-employed plumber and electrician in London and is too busy for words. He manages to fit in Scottish country dancing when he can. I hope this is of some interest.... well, it will fill a little space.

William Holland - 1973-78 I think I replied to Dennis Blake on this some time ago and little has changed since! I have been an audit partner at KPMG (chartered accountants) based in London where I have worked since leaving Durham University in 1987. I am married to Fiona (no children) and still playing cricket and golf keenly.

Philip Wells - 1973-78 I have been living in Indonesia for over ten years working on large mammal conservation with a specialisation in rhinos but also intimately involved with the protection of national parks. Having had no formal qualifications in conservation or a biological science I have just returned from a two-year stint in the UK where I successfully completed and qualified as a Master of Research in Ecology and Environmental Management. At present I am looking to conduct a study on tiger conservation management but will also, I hope, remain involved with rhinos. I am married to Rosie and have two children Jasmine and Lily. For those of you surprised to hear there are rhinos in Indonesia see and for those of you more interested in tigers see or

Peter Worlledge - 1975-79 It is some time since I have been in contact with anyone from Northaw so I suspect there is quite a lot of news to cover, not, I hasten to add, all particularly interesting! In brief however, I live just outside Edinburgh and am married to Caroline (whom I married in 1992) with 3 children: Pippa (7), Tom (5) and Lucie (2). Since leaving Northaw and after Haileybury, I graduated from Bristol University with a 2.1 in Engineering and, after a stint working at BTR (now Invensys) went on to join Price Waterhouse where I qualified as a Chartered Accountant. On qualification, I left PW and became involved in Corporate Finance, which took me to Edinburgh in 1997 and, after a succession of mergers involving companies I was employed by, almost full circle back to the profession in the form of Deloitte & Touche, still in Corporate Finance.

Finally, about 3 months ago, I left Deloitte to join Interlink Building Systems as Managing Director and am now faced with a weekly commute to Yorkshire. I would be very keen to hear news and the whereabouts of anyone at Northaw while I was there and would be pleased to provide more information should you need it.

Michael Besly - 1974-80 This sounds like a fine idea! In response to your email - let me provide you with some news... I have been out of touch for such a long time so, in order to provide some background, here's a brief time line with the major milestones: Northaw - 1974/80; King’s Canterbury - 1980/84; Southampton University - 1985/88; Army (Grenadier Guards) - 1989/94; Boston University (MBA) - 1996/98; Married (Bonnie) in Chicago - June 1997; Joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston – 1999. Present: Birth of our daughter Hannah - December 2000. Currently, I'm working in Boston for PwC as an environmental consultant in a group that specializes in risk assessment/management advisory services. Absolutely loving my work, which never ceases to provide interesting challenges and takes me all over the US. We finally took the plunge and bought our first home a few months ago which keeps us busy. Our daughter, Hannah, celebrated her third birthday recently and continues to amaze us every day!

Regretfully, I have had no contact with anyone from Northaw for far too long and I'd love to reconnect with anyone who happens to be in my neck of the woods. I look forward to receiving the newsletter.

Mark Brind - 1976-81 Some news about myself, I still remember the drought of 1976 and having to share bath water! Left for Millfield School (ON David Greening was there) then Manchester University where I studied architecture, qualified and worked in London for 6 years as an architect, then Cranfield university for a masters degree, now working in consultancy in programme management, living in NW London and married. Brother Robert Brind, living in Salisbury, married with three children and managing Portsmouth City Council building surveying division.

William Twiston-Davies - 1978-82 I now work in the film and television industry as a freelance location manager - I help directors decide where films and television programmes are to be made. This means that I am usually very busy all spring, summer and autumn, with 6-day weeks of 16-hour days being common. My ambition is to move into production. I am also now a passionate surfer and the sport has taken me to Sri Lanka, Spain, Morocco, Indonesia, France, the Canary Islands, Portugal and Ireland. This coming winter I am returning to Morocco for a month. I have made a number of short films about the sport.

Hugo Fuller - 1978 - 83 I married Catherine Dogilewski last June and I am still running an event management company in London My brother Rollo Fuller (left ‘81?) married Annabelle Barraclough last November and is still running the same scenery and lighting company here in London Not much else of importance to report I’m afraid.

William Beloe - 1979-83 Now working for the IFC, private arm of the World Bank Group in Sichuan, (middle of China). Have now been in the country for six years. Married, no kids. I look forward to the news!

Chris Pease - 1982-85. My recent news is that I married Stacy Yu on 28th November 2003 in Maui, Hawaii. Other ON's present were Henry Pease and Victoria (Vita) Pease. Stacy and I are expecting our first child at the end of August 2004. I am currently in the process of starting my own business in Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA).

Mark Jackaman - 1977-86 I am currently living and working in Sydney for the reinsurance company I was working with in London. Halfway through a 4 year placement. Managed to get tickets to about a dozen Rugby World cup games including the QF, SF and Final - a perfect time to be a "Pom" in Australia! Richard - living in Barons Court, London in a recently purchased house and working as an Estate Agent in Wandsworth. Also currently studying a commercial property course. Planning a trip to Sydney for Christmas 2004. Claire is now Headmistress of a Montessori school in Fulham.

Amanda Claydon - 1981-86 Now 30yrs, she is a qualified Educational Psychologist based in Wandsworth where she has a “patch” of schools and families with whom she works.

Katie Durrell (née Higham)1980-86 I have been a member of the Royal Naval Reserve for some time now, and I spent a large proportion of last year in Iraq after being mobilised. I had a very interesting time but am glad to be back home again. Other than that I am working in the construction industry in a Health, Safety and Quality role and have been happily married to Kevin since September of 2002. He too is in the Royal Naval Reserves and was mobilised just before me in February of last year. We were lucky enough to be able to meet up for a while in the middle of the desert before he flew home having completed his duties. I returned in October and then had two months post operational tour leave during which I did all those little DIY jobs that you never seem to get round to. Good luck with the newsletter, which I look forward to reading.

Katherine Harvey (née Norbury) 1982-87 and her husband Jason who is an Orthopaedic Surgeon are in Brisbane, Australia with their one year old Max. Patrick Firebrace (see below) is Godfather. Jason is doing a medical fellowship in spinal surgery. Kate is working hard as a mummy and organising all the holidays and tours for visiting relations! They return in June 2004, where to depends on jobs.

Nick Boxhall-Hunt - 1983-87 Since leaving Northaw, as it was then, I have been through the academic system finishing at University of Northumbria where I graduated in 1995 with a degree in Geography. After travelling, taking in the World Cup 7's in Hong Kong and the British Lions tour in South Africa in '97 I started a sales job in Lincolnshire. I have since moved to London after going to Australia in 2001 for another Lions Tour and am now selling software from a Clapham HQ and living in Balham (only 10 minutes commute - fantastic for London). I am still playing rugby 20 years after Mr Warden introduced me to it when I was 9. Keep in fairly regular contact with Tom Selway and have recently been to two ON drinks evenings in London and met James Penneyfeather, Mark Webster, Toby Gordon-Smith (organiser) and Holly Soffe (also organiser) plus plenty of others. An odd feeling knowing that you all went to school together but don't quite recognise each other - I suppose it has been 17 years.

John Claydon - 1985-88 Now 28yrs, John is based at the moment at university in Queensland, Australia where he is about to complete a PhD in Marine Biology. He has been conducting research into fish on the coral reefs off the coast of New Britain (which is part of Papua New Guinea). He currently spends most of his time at a research station there but is returning to Queensland shortly to complete the writing up of his research work. He will then be looking for a job, hopefully in the area of marine conservation.

Patrick Firebrace - 1983-88 Antonia gave birth to Harry (lbs. 1oz) on 3rd Sept. ‘03 and he is an extremely healthy 4 month-old. We are moving to Bristol (staying with the BBC though) at the end of January and settling down, at long last, in the West Country, much to our delight. Charles & KC Firebrace - KC gave birth to Jazmyn on 9th April ‘03 and she too is flourishing. They live in Teddington, West London and are extremely well. James Firebrace - qualified Chartered Accountant working very successfully for a French wine company and living in Battersea. Tom Leslie is married to Claerwen and living near Didcot in a gorgeous country cottage - Tom works in Bristol (another surgeon) and Claerwen near Oxford (a vet) so their children and pets should be healthy when they have them. Tom was my best man, and I his in 2001. I have also bumped into or heard from, variously: Kate Gutteridge in Battersea; Hadleigh Graves, working as a lawyer in the City; Charles Lee training for the Marathon with me in 2003.

Tom Leslie - 1983-88 I had a fantastic time at Northaw. I was in 1st XV, 1st XI hockey, 1st XI cricket, & 1st VI tennis. I went on to Marlborough College, then Bristol Uni where I read Medicine. I am now a doctor working in Bristol, training to be a surgeon and married to Claerwen (née Randolph) I am always keen to hear of news about Northaw and ONs.

Robert Phelan - 1983-88 I met up with an old friend when I was in London last year for an interview, Charles Norbury, I found him through Friends Reunited. I would still love to meet up with old classmates and see what’s happened to them. I have done an awful lot since I left Northaw; I went to university in Ireland and studied Archaeology and Classics; I went and worked in Commercial electronic banking for a while, then Sun Microsytems and I have also done a post graduate in law, to become a solicitor. I have left quite a few things out. I have done a lot of sailing /racing and also I’m very fond of shooting and riding (but not at the same time for obvious reasons!).
My brother, Peter, who also went to Northaw, has a degree in Commerce and lives in California, he has raced boats for the American sailing team, and at the moment he's toying with the idea of dropping work and becoming a fully professional yacht racer, as he already races with the Pegasus team. He also likes to race mountain bikes and road bikes. I was going to attach a couple of photos from Northaw, as I seem to have taken quite a few while I was there and also a couple of photos of my brother and myself now. But let me know if you would like me to email a few. I would really love to know what happened to my classmates, Rebecca Christie Miller & James Parsons - even a few of the teachers and matrons!

Charles Norbury – 1984-89 Some news about myself (and various others). I am working in London as a Performance Analyst (Donald Capes would be proud of me!), for an Australian fund management company and live in East Dulwich. I have recently been in contact with Robert Phelan and will encourage him to send info about himself, but he is healthy and happy. I am going to visit my sister (also an ON), Katherine Harvey (née Norbury) in Australia, in April, where she is living with her husband and 1-year-old son. I will also encourage her to send more information about herself. I look forward to receiving the newsletter and hearing about all my old friends.

Holly Soffe - 1984-89 I have a new job and will be leaving Gabbitas at the end of February. In March I start as Event Manager and Head's PA at a new school near Hook, Hants. Having only recently moved to a house in Kent, my new job will mean that sometime soon we will move again to be West of London instead of South!

Charles Lee - 1985-89 After leaving Northaw went on to Millfield School in Somerset to do my GCSE’s & A-Levels & play rugby. After gaining 4 A levels in 1995 I took a year out and taught English and geography in a rural secondary school in Northern Tanzania for 10 months. On returning home I went to Birmingham University where I read Economics for 3 years. On completion I joined the investment bank ABN Amro based in London where I worked for 4 years before leaving and joining Elixir Securities. I live in Clapham Junction, London.

Henry Pease 1985 –90 Update on Henry Pease (26) and Vita Pease (29). Henry Pease is living in London, working for Rothschild and playing hockey. He has met up with a number of ON's recently through the gatherings organised by Holly et al. He also keeps in touch with James & Nicholas Albrecht, Tim Macmillan, Harry Badham and Simon Cook. Vita Pease has moved back to London from Rio.

Rachel Hine 1988 - 91 After reading Geography (BSc) at Loughborough University (2.1), I took a year out and spent four months travelling. I have since completed my PGCE (Institute of Education, University of London) and am currently teaching geography at The Judd School, Tonbridge. The staff are very supportive and the pupils are great. I have a lively year 10-tutor group and am also involved with teaching the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. My brother (Nick Hine, also at Northaw School/Norman Court) is working in Shepherd's Bush, South-west London as a graduate-trainee graphic designer for Speakers International. He is really enjoying it and has recently been to Canada on business (which sounds so grown-up!). I am really looking forward to reading news from other ON’s, as well as the Easter holiday!

Charlie Krasun - 1983-92 I am an account exec with a marketing company in Emsworth, Hants, predominantly on the marine side.

Hugo Mallet - 1986-92 Thank you for your kind letter. I suggest you read the biography page of my web site ( after which I will gladly fill in any gaps that may need filling! Happy New Year!

Hannah Bainbridge - 1988-93 I am now at Edinburgh University studying medicine. Last year I took a year out of medicine and did a biology degree in a year (which is called intercalating and about 30% of medics do it). I did Molecular Biology and graduated last summer with a 2.1. I am now in my third year studying medicine and am thoroughly enjoying it. At uni I am also involved with the Christian medics, of which I am on the committee and also in the university wind band where I play the flute (which I took up at Northaw) and piccolo. I also enjoy taking photos. I am still in good contact with Victoria Edmonds who is at Bristol in her third year studying geology after having had a gap year in Australia after leaving Godolphin where we were both at secondary school together. I left Northaw in 1993, and she left in 1994. Hope all that is useful!

Jemma Johnson 1986-1993. I left to go to Millfield School in Somerset 1993 - 2000. In 2000 I when to University of Brighton and graduated in 2003. I was studying BA Hons Fine Art: Painting and my grade was a 2:1. I am currently taking some time out, travelling to Australia to pursue my painting for one year before I do a MA in Fine Art: Painting.

Thomas Johnson 1985-1993 went to Canford School in Dorset 1993 - 1998. He then studied at Oxford University Fine Art BFA:Hons 1998 - 2001 when he graduated with a 2:1. He is now working and living in London. He is working for English cricket at Lords.

Alice Dobbie - 1990-94 In my last year at Oxford, reading Classics and having a brilliant time. Off to West Africa next year, then starting training in London to become a barrister.

James Josling - 1992-95 I am currently studying genetics at UCL (University College London), which is the top institute in the country for my course. I play football for the university in the 2nd eleven (out of over 10 teams), which is good fun socially, and we also play to a pretty competitive standard. My other big hobby is snowboarding which I do as often as I can. My brother Mark Josling who was at Northaw for 5 years, starting 2 before me, graduated from Sussex university with a 2:1 in geography with development studies, and is about to go travelling before settling down to do some proper work!

Al Edmonds 1991-1996. I went to Marlborough College. Having finished my A-levels I took a GAP year. I am now at Edinburgh University reading Economics and Philosophy. Apart from ON's who went on to Marlborough and Ed Peerless and Rob Beatson who both live in Winterslow I am not really in contact with many old boys or girls.

Tom Bazzard - 1990-96 I am currently in my final year studying English Literature BA at Cardiff University and hoping for a job in the media in a few months time. My elder brother, Ben, is also in his final year at Exeter University, studying Maths. He is joining the Army and going to Sandhurst later in the year. I am pleased there is finally an active Old Northavian Association.

Ru Lane 1991-96 - Jalal Janmohamed's year. Left Sherborne in 2001 after a very enjoyable 5 years, inc. an Army Scholarship/Bursary, and have spent my GAP year and the past summer teaching English, Rugby and travelling in South America (particularly Argentina), but spent much of my GAP year winning the fight against cancer. Enrolled at King's College, London to study 'War Studies and History' and am loving the course, now in my second year. Won our division this year with King's 1st XV, and led a British Army diplomatic mission to India this January. Generally loving life, sport, London social life and everything Uni has to offer! As regards other ONs, Ed Peerless (still best mate) is at Bristol Uni doing something sciency and playing Hockey for the 1st XI, Charlie King (who I'm sure you've heard from) is at Roehampton and captaining their Hockey 1st XI, Will Reeve is doing Medicine at Barts, Adam Weymouth is at KCL as well doing Philosophy I think. Those are all that I'm really aware of. Hope that's the sort of stuff you're looking for and that it helps in some way!

Lottie Dutton - 1991-96 I left Godolphin last summer (July '03) and I am currently on a Gap year. I started off my Gap year in London, working for The General Trading Company for four months. I had been warned from those that know me best that I wouldn't be able to have fun and achieve my principal aim, (to save as much money as possible for my travels later on). But, I proved them wrong and consequently am now getting ready to go to Mexico for five months. I shall be teaching in a Primary School along with twelve other gap year students for four months and then travelling for a bit before returning home. After Mexico, depending on cash flow, I may go away somewhere more local... inter railing around Europe perhaps with friends. Then I'm going to Newcastle University in September to study Spanish and Business Studies. That's if I decide not to extend my Gap year! I am still in contact with a few Old Northavians: Dominie Shelley (Winchester House '98) and Alex Ratcliffe (Dover '98) both of whom went to Godolphin. Ben Bainbridge (Salisbury '98); Ben Stewart (Hastings '98); Kathryn Hamilton (Hastings '95); Katie Arnold (Dover); James Arnold (Dover '96) and Jeremy Hicks (Hastings '95). Dominie is doing an Art Foundation course at Bournemouth Art College. Alex is at Edinburgh University studying Business Studies and Geography (she didn't take a Gap year). Kathryn is at Cambridge University studying English Literature after spending a Gap year in Canada (snow boarding) and travelling around India. Katie is at Liverpool University, and I think, in her final year. Her brother James is studying History at Nottingham University. Hope this is helpful and I look forward to receiving the Newsletter and hearing what everyone else has been up to.

Peter Robinson - 1994-99 I'm in my final year at Dauntsey's. I've applied to do architecture at university. I'm swimming captain for the second year running. I've also been playing 1st team rugby and hockey. I have recently been made school athletics Captain. I have been 'Anthony' in the school production of 'Sweeney Todd'. Last year I performed in 'Les Mis' in the West End (Prince of Wales theatre) as the pimp and a student. For my Gap year I have arranged to go out to Kenya where I will do some charity work, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and hopefully teach in a school too.

Alex Hibbert - 1994-99 Enjoying my final year at Canford where there is a lot going on, A-levels in physics, chemistry and biology being just a small part. I am Captain of canoeing and completed the 125-mile race from Devizes to Westminster 2 years ago. I am also Captain of cross-country and completed Ten-Tors last year. I take a very active part in the Royal Marine CCF, as a Colour Sergeant. We have been to the Pringle Trophy and courses at Gairloch Head in Scotland. I have passed the Royal Marine Potential Officer Course and also the Admiralty Interview Board. I am planning to read Biological Sciences at Oxford, where I have been offered a place at St Hugh’s College. I enjoyed reaching the finals in the House debating competition last term; unfortunately we did not win. Mr Burns-Cox will be pleased to know I still play the drums and also the guitar and play in a rock band!!! My other interest is in wildlife photography and I was lucky enough to be a finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2003. I am going to Texas and Mexico in February where I hope to take some good photos above and below water. Mike (1996-99) and Joe Kelly (1996-00) are in my house but I expect you will have news about them from their brother, Dan.

Alex Ratcliffe - 1993-1998. I am currently in my first year at Edinburgh studying Business Studies and Geography, which is going well, and am having a great time. I am in contact with other ON's who were in years above me and family friends, the Millers who had 3 children and the Wolfendons, not sure if you have their addresses? However, my sister Poppy Ratcliffe who was also at NC may give you their details if no one has them, as she is closer to home and it is easier for her to get the info! Not really sure what else you want to know?

Cressida Lucy Victoria Sharp - 1995-98 I'm not a very old Northavian; in fact I only left five years ago! Here's some news from me: I'm now thirteen, living in Barnes, London with my parents, cat and guinea pig. I go to St. Paul's Girls' School (secondary) in Hammersmith. My primary interest at the moment is music and drama - I'm preparing to take Grade 6 on the bassoon, and although I've never taken any grades further than Grade 2 in singing, it is flourishing very happily. I take tuition in both singing and bassoon, having stopped officially learning the piano at a high standard almost two years ago. I play at a lot of music clubs, as well as singing in a nearby church choir. I'm currently rehearsing for two plays, and in one of these preparing for my school's centenary celebrations on the 19th of January.

Academic work is heavy and I am very busy with extracurricular activities. The only other particularly exciting piece of news from me is that I won a runner up position in the Ottakar's Poetry Competition 13-16 category, which made me very happy! That's all, really - right now so, having recently come to the opening of the new sports field at Norman Court, a Happy New Year to everybody - nil nisi optimum!

Robert Baines - 1997-99 Sorry I don’t think I can help much. I haven’t seen anyone since the reunion last year. Could you, however, tell Mr Foyle that I’ve been given an offer to read Engineering at Cambridge? He might be interested/pleased. Thanks a lot and have a great year.

James Allen - 1996-99 At the moment I am preparing to leave for Australia in June where I plan to attend music college playing bass guitar. I also play in a local band, 'Boda Zephyr', and I plan to find a group with a vacant bassist's position when I move.

Stuart Melvin - 1997-99 I’m currently at Gordons school, studying for my GCSE's. The exams start in May. I'm laid down with a gigantic load of work. My parents are living in Chilmark, Wiltshire, whereas my school is in Surrey, so I have to stay at school most weekends. I visited Norman Court on Founder’s day, in September.

James Brazier - 1997-01 Its James Brazier writing; the boy who you used to teach maths to. Life at Bishops is turning out pretty good but I am worrying about the imminent SATS that I will have to take at the end of the year. If the teachers are anything like you were I am sure I will pass. I am still doing quite a lot of sport and am getting into all of the teams. I have also recently been selected for Wiltshire cricket, which I am really enjoying. I am learning guitar and drums and am making sure that my family does not get any peace (as one does). It was nice for me to come back to Norman Court during the summer for the activity week as I was able to meet up with some old friends but I was saddened to see the departure of Chris Rose, with whom I had found sports lessons so enjoyable. I think that is all I have to say right now but I will be sure to keep you updated with any more news.

Marina Beresford-Stooke - 1997-01. I am currently in my final GCSE year, at Marlborough. But over the last few years I have accomplished many things. The most interesting are: - In the first year I became a member of the Wiltshire team, throwing the javelin. So my sport in the summer was athletics. The following year I played hockey, joined in with dance and yoga classes and again athletics to finish the year. Starting the hundred, year 11, I found myself working much harder for my GCSEs, which are maths, sciences, French, Spanish, art, geography, English and R.E. For most of these subjects I have finished, or am in the middle of coursework, which has stood me in good stead for the summer exams. At the beginning of this term, I sat my mock GCSEs, where I achieved an A*, A’s and a few B's, so I am hopeful for the summer. During this term I started playing lacrosse for the first time, and have managed to jump the 3rd team and make the 2nd open. As an additional sport I take part in swimming once a week, in the newly built swimming pool. In the L6th I have chosen to take R.E, art, biology, chemistry and maths for chemists. Later in life I aim to either be a doctor, lawyer or an artist, perhaps involving fashion. In the Easter holidays, alongside revising for my exams, I will be going on a French exchange, to learn the language with more fluency. I will write and tell you of my results in the summer, and perhaps make a visit to Norman Court one day in the not too distant future!

Sophie Morson - 1996-01 OK, well I'm not really sure what you want to know, but ... I go to South Wilts Grammar School, I'm in Yr 9, I go to netball out of school, and I might be starting the Army Cadet Force soon if there is one near enough (hopefully). Please email me if you want to know anything else!

Alex Morson - 1996-02 I now go to Bishop Wordsworth’s in Salisbury in year 8. I have one old Northavian in my class you might not have contacted - Nat Conway.


Tommy Thomson - 1955-78 Norman Court was a wonderful environment in which to teach; a lovely old building and fine grounds for games and recreation. Even more than this the children who attended the School during those years were willing – many even keen – to learn and play a full part in School life.

Billy Howard - 1961-73 I am so glad that you are getting a newsletter going for Old Northavians. I know a fair number having been their headmaster from 1961-73 – what a long time ago that is! I look forward to catching up with some of their news.

As you probably know, I went from Northaw to St.Paul's Prep School, Colet Court, at Barnes in London where Liz and I spent 19 happy years before retiring in 1992. Sadly she died in ‘95. I have subsequently remarried (Heather Watson) and continue to live here in Lymington. I am a governor of 3 schools (Chairman of Governors of Ballard School near Milton) and still do some inspections of prep schools, so I have not completely lost touch with the world of education - but how it has changed since my early days at Northaw.

My three ON sons will probably be too idle to write to you so herewith some details of what they are up to: Jeremy (TJR) is an art historian who teaches mainly at the Wallace Collection in London. He has 3 daughters. Robin (RWJ) is a barrister, lives in Suffolk but has chambers in London. 3 sons. Richard (MRJ) is a major in the Gunners currently working in Bristol: 1 son, 1 daughter. Anna (not an ON, but she was born in the school) is married to an Italian, lives in Stoke Newington, and is a busy mother of 3 sons. I look forward to hearing other’s news.

Paul Baker is still Head of Geography and Director of Activities at the Dragon School, Oxford. IAPS Co-ordinator for Geography and Chairman of the independent Schools Committee of the Geographical Association. Chief Setter for Common Entrance Geography. Both his daughters Sophie (29) and Sarah (27) are living in Nottingham. Sarah and her husband are expecting twins in June.

Denis Blake - 1973-89 To all our very dear ON’s, Alumnae, Alumni, Girls, Boys, “Children”, I’ll come clean: I got the alumnae bit from today’s Times 2 Crossword! Something struck me just now and it is this: - during and since my time at Northaw I have had fathers/husbands/brothers/ON’s in The Cold War, The Falklands, The Balkans, Afghanistan, The Gulf, Northern Ireland (all the time!) and now Iraq. May I with deep respect and affection say how very, very proud Anne and I are that we count you among our friends and honorary children? That we have kept up with so many of you for all these years shows what a super bunch you are, but then I have been telling you that for years, ever since I last put you on the Hall Carpet or gave you a Green Mark – oh, come on! I did give greens as well as reds; my records show that I gave about 15 times as many greens as reds, I am proud to say!

It was wonderful to see so many of you back at Northaw/Norman Court on Founder’s Day in the summer and I can only say a huge “Well done” and “Thank you” to Holly Soffe and Toby Gordon-Smith for all the work they have done and are doing to bring us all together; those London drinks parties, + or – the karaoke, sound super – floreant! Now then, let’s make some sort of start. I’ll go through all the bits of paper I received or scribbled on since this time last year and then go through the Christmas cards and responses to Holly Soffe’s email to millions of you. This is therefore in no special order:

Snagge family Back in November 2003, the parents emailed me that their family address had changed and that they now live in North Hampshire. (Because of the Data Protection Act I have got to be very careful about what I pass on in the way of addresses: if I am in any doubt I shall not broadcast new addresses or email addresses and leave it to you all to inform each other and/or the ONA if you want your addresses passed on. Sorry, but there we are).

William Dobbie is in the Army with the 1st Battalion The Highlanders and is in Germany. (He got a music scholarship to Eton as a trumpeter/pianist – remember?)

Grant family - Tom has a job in Hatfield which he was very anxious to get and sister Jo is doing brilliantly at the Bar and has been offered a pupillage in one of the leading sets of chambers in London. Nick is on his way to being an MBA, via Singapore and Paris, and with luck will be able to keep his parents in proper comfort. Father Malcolm has moved from being a professor and pro-vice chancellor at Cambridge and is now Principal and Provost of University College, London. Dr. Christine claims to be still a humdrum GP in Cambridge!

McKeown family Presumably father Bob would not have given me the following if it was not for general consumption, so: Kieron lives in Salisbury and is now the father of Derrie as well as of Asher. Hamish, now on the staff of a certain Norman Court School, married to Nicola and with offspring, a sibling for Martha is expected in July. I gave Hamish the old iron black horse that used to be on the end wall of the Chelsea wing at Northaw so at least there is a horse of the original – and correct! – Northaw shape back on the old territory. I wonder where Mr. McKeown, in a staff house in the grounds now, will put the dear old fellow.

Sempala-Ntege Perhaps better remembered by some as Catriona McKeown, Cat and her husband now live in Colchester and I have full address, phone number and e-mail if authorised/required. Son Noah will be two in March and a sibling is due this year. Nathan has done great things in Iraq as well as many other exotic military ventures; I know where but maybe I should keep stumm.

Heminsley family as of 31.8.03, Alexandra/Ali was about to launch a new literary magazine of which she is deputy editor inter alia. Charlotte/Lottie was getting very fed up with “retail” and was looking to move out of this, much to mother’s glee. Will is in London but was just about to go up to Edinburgh to learn about devolution. The People’s Republic of Scotland has now devolved and they are very welcome! Anne and I hope very much to see parents John and Kate Heminsley in Venice in the summer – roll on!

Craven family Back in February 2003, Christopher was in Monaco with the charter department of Edmiston and Co. He was working alongside 3 gorgeous girls in Monaco with the prospect of 3 equally gorgeous ones if he wanted to work from the firm’s office in St. James’s Street. He has the effrontery to say that he has a steep learning curve! I’ll bet he has, the jammy blighter! Brother Charles was in Sierra Leone at the time of Chris’s message, being a brilliant soldier and winning hearts and minds in the way that only British troops can. He is now at Shrivenham studying for his MA degrees [sic=plural!] (Take a look at Southern Iraq now and see how the Army and the Royal Marines manage as compared with our allies further north). Chris had sent Charlie a birthday food-parcel of Marmite, Branston pickle, Tabasco and Worcester sauce! Such fraternal care.

Morley family - Richard is married and has a 2-year-old baby; he lives in Sydney, Oz. Natasha is a Ward Sister at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, nursing terminally ill people. Older sister Tamara, Mrs. Roberts, lives in South Wales and last I heard was in glowing health, the dear girl.

Rawnson family The Christmas card from the parents tells me that Nicola is back after the ski season and three months travelling and that Philip is getting married on Easter Saturday this year.

Harris family Tim was married in February 2003, to Jessica Harris and they live in Whitchurch, Hampshire. Mark is working as a surveyor of commercial properties in Bristol (Firebrace and Leslie please note). Parents Douglas and Margot, to celebrate their retirement, are building a new glasshouse. If you have never visited Penwood Nurseries, then do so at once!

Mavrogordato family Alice is a doctor in Southampton and is doing a stint in Salisbury (orthopaedics and plastics) in February. Mark will soon be taking his finals in Engineering at Southampton University.

Julian Gruzelier is working for Procter and Gamble, travelling Europe, while John is working “in the city”.

Founder’s Day at Northaw, Norman Court, September, 2003. Armed with a notebook and biro Anne and I came across a treasure chest of people and memories and news. Here goes, in the order in which we met y’all. Sian Kenyon, Holly Soffe, Jo Grant, Penny Lyon [Art Teacher], Elizabeth Prescott-Decie [née Hannay, governor and former Headmistress of Godolphin, Salisbury], Tom Curry playing hockey at/for Durham, Amy Kenyon, Director of Media and Politics for the Scottish Countryside Alliance (is this a sort of neo-Braveheart?); Ben Smith, Harry Badham, David King, Titus Edge is a teacher of History at Dulwich College Prep.; Charlotte Waterhouse is teaching Maths and Physics; Tessa Waterhouse is doing medical research in Oxford; Tamara Pearson (now Mrs. Thom) with her husband Mick and children Patrick and Victoria: Tamara now has another daughter, Georgina Ann, born on 23rd November – hurrah!; Joanna Halsey as was with her two babies; Hamish, Nicola and Kieron McKeown; Sian Kenyon works for a company based in the Middle East – something to do with printing (see below); Olivia Quarrelle; Andrew Fleming, is an event manager in London; Susanna (Sam) McClintock and James Bowyer; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Warden; Robert Pipes; Alison Forfar; Stephen Plaister – all former members of staff; Kathy Wells, Karen Blackmore, Annabel Rattue, Assistant Matrons and using the surnames you would remember them by!; Maureen Lockyer, still in the kitchen, bless her; Abigail/Abi Nelberg. It was a great day!

Badham family - Richard married Annette in August and has just this minute sent me an email (23.1.04) in which he tells me that Charlie Carnegy and the Brooke-Deans were at the wedding and that he and Annette were driven away from the church by Colin Stevenson (remedial teacher, educational psychologist and counsellor to many of you) in his magnificent big MG, a glorious machine indeed. Richard’s email ends, “My wonderful wife has just cooked my supper so I must go before it gets cold and she gets cross”. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose – you all learn so quickly! Harry is a chartered surveyor; Tommie gave up her engineering career to teach maths in a primary school; Timothy is loving Sandhurst and hopes to be a Light Dragoon; Edward is a furniture restorer in Thame; Richard, see above, is a brilliant mechanic and is currently designing aero engines for Rolls Royce.

Nicola Porteous (née Warden) lives at Bishops Waltham, Southampton; she also was at the re-union and it was lovely to see her. Husband’s name is Daniel.

Max Davies sent me a long email from which I selectively quote – “I studied archaeology at university and then worked for the Daily Telegraph for 4 years and then spent two years travelling through Asia and the Colonies” (good old-fashioned phrase that!) with Kerry Cleeves. They got engaged in New Zealand and will marry on August 7th this year. Max is doing a Law conversion course in Cardiff and will in due course be a lawyer of sorts – his words, not mine. Gussie (Augusta) worked in the City, earning more money than her brother, and she is now Mrs. Mike Harris and has a super little daughter of five months age. Gussie now speaks four languages and is learning a fifth from the baby! I am ashamed to admit that I went and lost the email that Gussie herself sent me and I shall try to get Max to persuade Gussie to send me another one. Max ends his letter with “nostalgic regards”. Bless his cotton socks!

Pease family A terrific email from Henry! He, now 26, is living in London and working for Rothschild in Investment Banking. After Northaw, he went to Charterhouse and then University College, London (Prof. Grant please note – my son Robert is also a UCL alumnus). In July of this year he is going to marry Nicky Lambert whom he met in Zimbabwe. His next plan is an MBA in the USA. Victoria [Vita], now 29, is currently moving from Rio [de Janeiro/Grande/de la Plata?] back to London. She went to St. Swithuns from Northaw and thence to Charterhouse and LSE. She has worked for Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and Merrill Lynch both in London and New York! Wow! Christopher, 31, lives in California with his wife Stacy. After Northaw and Charterhouse he went to Imperial College, London, and has since worked for Hewlett Packard, Agilent, Alvesta and now for National Semiconductor, based in San Jose, California; he got married in Maui in Hawaii. They have a website

Sian Kenyon (from above) Sian is Accounts and Administration Executive for Oriental Press Ltd and will have been with them for 5 years come April and she lives in Clapham South where there seem to be a comforting clump of ON’s. Sian has also done a bit of jet setting; Paris, Nice, Bahrain and Scotland – one of these places was for work purposes!

Selway family This is the family who famously addressed me as Desmond and thereby enter the hallowed halls of fame wherein a former headmaster colleague addressed a letter to me in “Charlotte All Saints”! Tom has moved from Andover to London and is an Estate Agent. Guy is a soldier and has been in Basra and will soon go to Brunei for jungle training and thence to Cyprus. Jamie has been computer-coursing and aims to work in Dubai. [As a footnote, Jim/Deirdre asked me, “No news last year?” I certainly sent you one – snailmail.

Sue Perrin – Miss Richardson Sue and her husband Clint live in Chandler’s Ford where Sue is in the debt collection business and also deals with the company secretarial duties of several concerns. She is very happy and looking forward to using the FlyBe service from Southampton to Jersey.

Quarrelle family At the time of the card from Mum Susanna (working for Chafyn Grove in an important capacity), Olivia had left London in September and was currently a chalet girl in Meribel (it’s in France) and was “having the time of her life”. Robin is due to leave University this year and is heading towards being an estate agent – at least that’s what he says at the moment.

Soffe family - Rosanne has had a very busy year as Human Resources Manager of Heidrick & Struggles and still lives in Fulham. Simon has left Tesco and is now Head of PR and Communications of a retail chain called “Game”. [Video games!] He still lives in Balham but now works in Bracknell. Holly, the organiser of ON reunions, is now Recruitment Manager of Gabbitas and this has involved, inter alia, her attending an education conference in Thailand [which sure as hell beats Bracknell] and she is an extremely busy lady. Just imagine – she recruits teachers, head teachers and all!

Thornton family - Pip is very well and recovering well from the “horrendous Iraq experience” and has a new address which Mum gave me so I suppose it’s all right to pass it on: see List! [Cowdreys? Yes, you will I trust recall that Pippa/Pip, when playing for Bryanston’s First XI cricket against Winchester at Winchester famously caught out the captain of the Winchester side whose mortification was worth a year’s salary!] Nick is at Shrivenham [Craven please note] complete with his family. All good news!

Jo-Jo/Joanna Halsey [Mrs. John Lewis] No silly Waitrose jokes, please! Jo-Jo and family – there are Alex and Ollie as well – are now in Alton, Hampshire.

Waterhouse family - Charlotte is now the Gifted and Talented Co-Ordinator for her school, lives with Paul in a flat on Chelsea Bridge Wharf and is goalkeeper for the Surrey 1st Division hockey team. Tessa “has emigrated to Oxford. She signed for a year’s fixed medical research project just in time to see it called off but is now doing another, chasing round the lanes of Oxon and Bucks sticking needles into babies while doing a MA on legal and ethical implications of doing research on healthy children.”

Bush Parents Bush left the UK on 13th November to sail across the Atlantic in a 36-foot yacht – with a crew totalling FOUR! The whole Bush letter was about boats except for the last three lines and the relevant sentence is: “ Duncan, Alison and Susie will be looking after the house and the Business whilst we are away.” Beat that for succinct ON news!

Rob Dixon is still with P&O in a senior position and loving it, in spite of all that media-fuelled nonsense about a “plague ship” that the Greeks refused to allow in to dock. It was a tummy-bug for God’s sake!

Lucy Harvey (née Pease) sent us a Christmas card but no news, evil child. She lives in Edinburgh in the People’s Republic of Scotland (Devolved).

Fuller - Both Rollo and Hugo are married and parents have sold The Drum and Monkey in Harrogate.

Simon Plummer said in his card that he had recently met up in London with Rollo de Sausmarez, Thomas Mann, Andy Hobbs and Alistair & Neil Smith; they all had great fun. (I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – I am absolutely thrilled by the way that so many of you are still caught up in each others’ lives – friends, godparents, Best Men, bridesmaids, drinking and karaoke chums – you really are a super bunch of young people!)

Craig family The card from the Craig parents was in a class of its own, being as it was a print of a watercolour painted by Captain Chris himself; it is utterly lovely and a full-sized print would adorn anyone’s wall and grace it. Matt is established with Cranfield University working mainly on international anti-personnel mine clearance and disaster relief. Duncan is in London and has been sub-editing with the Metro magazine; he hopes to be freelance by now. Duncan was in Australia for 4 weeks following the rugby team. Do you mean to tell me that he saw that kick of Jonny Wilkinson’s? Wow! (Some of you will remember a breathtaking drop-goal scored by Patrick Holmes in one of the last rugby matches of my time as HM of Northaw – I have never forgotten it).

Joby Royle - (née Phillips) writes as follows: James and I are just on our way back from Lebanon where we have been working in a refugee camp. (Joby is in her final year of her 2nd degree in Physiotherapy). They had been doing medical checks on 1,066 children aged 3-5 years old. They were surprised to be so warmly welcomed and made some beautiful friendships with some Palestinians. Paul Phillips is to marry Sophia this coming summer and they have just bought a stunning house in Islington.

Harrild family - Ben is in London earning his fortune as a “derivatives trader” – what on earth might this be, I wonder? Trading in things derived from something else, I suppose. Anyway, I am very impressed. Zoë is in Exeter and has just bought a terraced house that she and her partner spend their time renovating. (What would I do if the Mums did not send me news of you all?)

Neilson family - Biffy is still trotting the globe with Sony Music. Toby is living in London on his second year out in an architecture practice.

No article containing news can escape the fact that bad or sad news can and does occur. On the 14th January, Anne and I went to the memorial service for Finn Murray. Finn started at Northaw at about the same time as I did and then went on the Harrow, eventually becoming a Chartered Accountant. He died of cancer aged not quite 40 having, with unbelievable courage, attended Founder’s Day at Northaw in September. The church at Bishopstone was packed and it was a lovely service. Then just the other day, David Clayton died. Hundreds of you will remember him, living as he did with his wife Sue at The Pavilion just down the drive from the school. David was a Governor of Northaw for years and the fact that he was on crutches all the time and was latterly in a wheelchair never for one moment stopped him doing what he felt was his duty. When we were restoring the cellar and creating what became the Music Department, David insisted on inspecting the work by taking himself down the impossible staircase from the pantry to the cellar. It’s bad enough on two feet, but on two crutches…….! He was a great man and a good friend to the school in many more ways than he would allow to be known.

David Blake - is still Area Ranger for the Forestry Commission in Cornwall and he and dear Becky have bought a house in Treveighan, one of those Cornish villages that seem to be in a heavenly nowhere, lying as it does in the Camelford, Michaelstow, St.Tudy part of the county. Becky is the Phase 4 Co-ordinator for the Eden Project. David is much in demand as an educator and PR man for the Commission and is doing very well indeed. Anne is in great form as ever and has been quite fantastic looking after Denis/Bumbo this last year what with a second knee replacement in February and major lumbar surgery in December. It is rather fun in that I set off the alarms at airports now and have to be looked at by special bods with detectors. Well, 2 titanium knees and now some sort of plate and a couple of screws in my back? Bionic man, that’s me. Anne and I are both busy with local and church affairs and I shall be back to my beloved Cathedral guiding very soon. We had a fantastic holiday in May/June, spending a post-SARS week in Toronto with daughter Angela for her 40th birthday and then on to Edmonton and thence by car through The Rockies to Victoria, B.C., and a visit to Oregon. While staying near Portland I gave an illustrated lecture on the cathedrals of Winchester and Salisbury to a branch of formidable-sounding ladies called “Daughters of the British Empire”. We went back again to Victoria and thence home from Vancouver. On the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver, I tipped a pint of hot Starbuck’s into my lap and had to dry off on deck saying to revolted fellow-passengers, “It’s only coffee, honestly!” You’d have laughed. We still make very good coffee and Anne can still rustle up a “match tea” for welcome ON callers – do please give us a try. Those who have did not seem to regret it! God bless you all.

Stop Press. A late item of very sad news that will come as a blow to one or two generations of ON's: Robin Harward, Art, History and Scripture and teller of endless ghost stories, has died of prostate cancer. I shall be going to his funeral in Wells Cathedral. I knew Robin from the time he joined the staff of The Pilgrims' School, where I still was teaching, until the time he left Northaw (he had gone there about a year before we did) to teach in Tavistock.

Editorial That is it folks! A big thanks to all of you who contributed news. If you have missed getting your news to us this time, please send it to the Editor (c/o the Registrar) for the next issue, and of course do up date your news as and when you feel the urge.

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